At Peacock&Pigeon, we are primarily concerned with artistry.  We are heavily influenced by music, literature, film, and travel - as well as our own personal life experiences.  We invest all of these influences passionately into our photography and get to know our clients on a personal basis so that we can best reflect their personalities.  We believe that photography is defined by an intangible feeling and not merely the recreation of a physical image as it appears before us.  

Photography is more than a job.  Everywhere we look, we are framing a picture in our mind and wondering how best to develop ourselves as professionals and artists.  We are constantly seeking beauty around us, while striving to capture it at its most raw.  It is our mission to create meaningful and beautiful images that reflect the artistic ethos of our company in which we live and breathe PHOTOGRAPHY.

Im going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.
— Elaine de Wolfe


Please CONTACT US directly for our Price List - which we use as a rough guide.  We do not list our prices online as we tailor each individual shoot to meet your specific requirements.  We operate under the premise that no two shoots are the same.  


  • Do you use a contract when working with clients?

Yes.  In order to clearly outline both what the client will receive and what is expected of the photographer, we always use contracts that are signed prior to shoots or events.

  • How many images will we receive?

This depends on the shoot.  We always provide a guaranteed minimum amount of images within contract, however the actual number could far exceed this.  

  • Do you deliver all images that you take?

No.  Most professional photographers only deliver their final edited images.  We do not deliver every image we take as some shots may have clients with closed eyes, or an expression that does not represent them at their best.  We strive to deliver the most beautiful images that reflect the high quality we expect of ourselves as professionals.  We are not obligated to hand over every image that we take, but will try our best to edit and produce as many images as we can while maintaining our artistic integrity. 

  • How will we receive our images?

All digital images are delivered via a private viewing gallery on our website, as well as on a customized USB drive.  We do not offer prints as part of our pricing packages, however they can be ordered via our private online gallery. Peacock&Pigeon also custom design albums for clients upon request. 

  • Do you travel?

Yes.  We are used to traveling both within the US and internationally.  There are very few places we won't venture, and in fact, we welcome this. 

  • What equipment do you use?

All of our equipment is Nikon.  We mostly use a D750 - widely considered to be the wedding photographer's workhorse. We do work with flash photography and speed-lights, however we prefer natural lighting in order to keep our aesthetic as natural and beautiful as possible - whether that be from a sunlit window or the warm glow of candlelight. 

  • Will there be a second photographer working with you?

If you would like a second photographer for a major event such as a wedding exceeding 150 guests, this is both available and recommended.