The Wedding of Callum and Sara

Callum and Sara were married on the 3rd of July, 2016 in a simple yet elegant ceremony in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The Cork Factory Hotel provided a stunning backdrop to the event in which the beauty of the venue spoke for itself.  The starkness of the decor, the cloudy weather, and the factory backdrop all worked in perfect complement to one another.  Despite the simple aesthetic, quirky touches spoke for the interesting personalities of both the bride and the groom.

Here was yet another international wedding for me as a photographer, this time between a Scotsman and a Jersey Girl.  Callum and Sara’s wedding brought an influx of quick witted Scots, hilariously inappropriate jokes, kilts, a fascinator, and tartan - all to the middle of Amish Country.  The speeches were both comical and touching, the atmosphere was full of energy, and the music was amazing thanks to the Groom who self DJ'ed the event.  The most important aspect of the wedding, however was the obvious love shared between the Bride and Groom and the incredible love and support they received from their amazing friends and families.  I always enjoy witnessing family dynamics and being there for the speeches and am always moved by the love people have for their partners and families.  Congratulations Callum and Sara and all the best to you both in your future! 

The Wedding of Kareem and Radwa

Kareem and Radwa were married at the estately Palace at Someret Park in New Jersey.  I was lucky enough to meet this beautiful couple through the referral of a friend and thoroughly enjoyed working with both.  Possibly my favourite aspect of this wedding was how international it proved to be.  As a photographer, on an aesthetic level, the more international the weddings and the richer the cultural heritage - the more colourful they become.  This wedding proved no different.  Guests were entertained by an Egyptian dancer and guitar playing, while everyone - young and old - packed the dance floor from start to finish.  It was an event I will long remember photographing!  Aside from the colourful event itself - I also adored the bride and groom and their amazing mothers!!